Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Illusions of Superiority

What would you say makes a person superior? Is it a job title, a salary, perhaps intelligence or physical strength? What exactly gives one power, in fact does power even exist? The more you think about it the more you'll come to realize it is something people have accepted as true without questioning at all.

Maybe you can make an argument that power does exist, that there are people superior to you. You go to work everyday and there is always someone above you. They can tell you what to do, how to think and treat you how they want. If they wanted to they can fire you for insubordination, they can scream at you, demote you, etc.

But what power have they taken from you? They might tell you what to do but you are the one who chooses to follow, you are the one who decides if it is acceptable to you. No one can take power away from you, they can't force you to do anything, you still hold the power. They can fire you, they can scream all they want, sure, but they cannot control you. What they hold over you is not power, it is not superiority. It's fear.

Nothing is stopping you from standing up and walking out that door and no one can. A position within a company doesn't stop people from talking back and it sure as hell won't protect you when someone swings at you. If you choose to keep a job you hate, if you have to let someone yell at you, I understand. We all make sacrifices for ourselves, for others but just remember that you're in control everyday of your life. Today, tomorrow, forever until the time your body stops and your mind is extinguished.

Power, superiority and even authority are all illusions the world pretends are true. You are not lesser, you are not weaker than anyone, it's just a matter of willpower and resolve. If you're going to fight the world, if you are going to destroy the lies you have to be prepared for the consequences. Whether something is real or not if enough people believe in it they can influence the rest of the world.

You can choose to fight, you can stand up for yourself. Just be prepared those who follow the illusions, who accept them to be true have built monuments in it's name. Prisons, death sentences, torture are all still very real. The question is, will you bow down to the illusion of superiority or will you risk your life for a better chance at freedom?

If enough people believe in something they can influence the world and they can change it. If enough people are willing to fight for what the believe, they will.