Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The Introduction to an Introductory Post.
Hello, Ian here! This post is really exactly what it seems like, an introduction. I just want to make a post to get started, introduce myself and lay out a few ideas for future reference. I'll briefly touch on my life, current projects and purpose of this blog. I wanted to write this introduction for both any future followers/fans and for myself to have something to look back to. Hopefully I can look back at this one day and remember what my purpose and state of mind was.

Me, Myself and I!

So, what is unique about me? Well, lets start with the basics. I've just graduated from high school through an online program and I am enrolled at Pima Community college. Currently, I'm unemployed and have been searching for work just over 6 months. Like I said, simple but possibly interesting to some!

On to unique aspects of my life. While I don't consider or define myself as a depressed person I do suffer from some anxiety and depression. Around the time I was 15 I was isolating myself from the world while doing online school. At the time I didn't realize it but this was making me really depressed, killed my appetite and alienated a lot of my friends. I tried therapy and medication but really the only thing that helped was changing myself consciously. Of course I appreciate therapy and medications for giving me the confidence and courage to take those first steps. More than anything I am so indebted to my close friends and family who helped me through a hard time.

As I said, though, it was a big effort on my part, I started changing and questioning aspects of my life. I started putting down my controller and looking for different things to do. I decided to volunteer at an animal shelter nearby, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. I've been volunteering there for about two years now and have met a lot of nice people! Volunteering really made me realize that there were always options, I didn't have to just sit at home and stew in depression.

This is just a condensed version of that period of my life as I don't really like writing or talking about it much. Who would? I'd much rather write about fun, interesting things! For example, I'm currently studying Japanese in my free time because I plan to become an English teacher in Japan. My first experience with Japanese, well, anything was anime. Anime was a stepping stone into research about Japanese culture. From there I started becoming enamored with everything from cooking to language. I've always liked to write so my plan is to either transfer, from Pima to the University of Arizona, into a teaching degree or perhaps become an author (if I have the skill and confidence) and then travel to Japan. No matter where life takes me, I definitely want to see Japan. No questions asked.

In addition to volunteering and studying Japanese I also have a couple of hobbies. I like to play video games in moderation unless in a social setting. How can gaming be social? Basically my friends and I will bring our computers over to the others house, set them up and game until we drop. If were only going to do this once in awhile I think its important to go all out! I also love cooking. As I mentioned I really like Japanese culture so I have made many of my own Japanese dishes like onigiri (rice balls),sushi, fried rice and some others. Finally, I also go to the gym 2-3 times a week for strength training. This doesn't really need an explanation but, yes, I lift.

This Blog and My Current Project.
This blog is highly adaptable and will probably change more than I can plan for. I really have no idea where I will be into even a year or two, what I'll want or who I'll become. In just the last two and a half years I've changed so much, my whole life and personality have evolved. Who's to say that won't happen again? As far as I can see right now I will be using this blog for my writing but the reason I call it "Unexplored" is because I don't quite know what lies ahead. Personally, I find this really exciting!

You already know what I do on a typical day but I have said very little about any content for this blog. The reason behind this is because I've only just gotten a few ideas in my head. Right now I'm starting on one story with another in mind. Nothing is set in stone or permanent but this is what I have so far, after a week!

The topic I'm working on is a Sci-fi story about the Earth becoming, basically, uninhabitable. 500 years in the future human "ingenuity" has violated the environment for so long it has left the planet a mostly lifeless husk. The surface is nothing more than a desert too hot for life to evolve or for humans to walk on without special equipment. I haven't really started on where I want it to go but I have some ideas for how humans remained on earth, how our species survived, and how things got so bad. I came up with this story thinking about how much we mistreat our planet with all the chemicals, pollution and garbage we produce. Sometimes it almost seems like we are parasites and the Earth is our host.

Another topic I was exploring but never started on was a psychological sci-fi story about a person being trapped on an island. All I know is that I wanted there to be little to no human contact, the person would be on their own and would undergo an evolution that turned him from a normal human into an almost primitive or animal being. Maybe this is inspired by my own life but it would be much more of a drastic transformation.

Anyways I think it should be fun to write even if they only turn out to be short stories. If I ever landed something that I thought was really amazing I would definitely make a career out of it! Cheers for now, I'll be around again shortly.

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